Best hard sided above ground pool 2023

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Are you looking for a fun and cost-effective way to enjoy summertime from the comfort of your own backyard? You’re in luck! Whether you’re seeking a great way to cool off on hot days or just want to keep your family active, our comprehensive guide will help you identify the best above ground pool. Read on to find out which pool meets your needs!

Best hard sided above ground pool 2023

  1. Aquarian Phoenix Pool (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Summer Waves P4A024521 pool (Best Overall)
  3. INTEX 26339EH Pool (Budget Friendly)
  4. Lake Effect Meadows Pool
  5. Aquarian Phoenix Pool
  6. Bestway ground Pool
  7. Smartline Waterfall Pool

1) Aquarian Phoenix Pool

Best hard sided above ground pool

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Aquarian Phoenix Pool provides comprehensive 15-foot round pool construction. 180″L liner included. Steel ladders and alloy steel frames support the pool.

Filtration and Circulation

Swimming needs clean water. Aquarian Phoenix Pool includes cutting-edge sand filtration. It cleanses water. The pool has everything for filtration and circulation except the filter pump.

Water-Safe Chemicals

Aquarian Phoenix Pool chemicals ensure safety and balance. These substances make swimming safe. These chemicals show the pool’s cleanliness and pleasure.

Easy Fit

The 180″L x 180″W x 51.6″H Aquarian Phoenix Pool fits numerous people. Pool parties can be held here. Temporary pools benefit from their quick setup and disassembly.

Unmatched Durability

Cornelius’ durable Aquarian Phoenix Pool is alloy steel and resin. The pool is corrosion-resistant alloy steel. Resin’s smooth, easy-to-clean surface improves pool aesthetics and upkeep.

Fun Design

Aquarian Phoenix Pool is meticulously designed for swimming. Its enormous size, solid construction, and high-quality materials make aquatic excursions exciting. Appreciate this pool’s beauty and tranquility.


Durability, convenience, and performance make the Aquarian Phoenix Pool the best round pool. Fitness and pleasure are excellent for its durable alloy steel and resin structure, efficient filtration system, and huge size. The Aquarian Phoenix Pool improves swimming and makes memories.

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Aquarian Phoenix Pool First Hand Review Video

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  • Durable construction with alloy steel and resin materials
  • Large size of 180 inches in diameter
  • Equipped with a filtration system for clean water
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Ideal for families or large groups

Core Features

Brand Aquarian
Product Dimensions 180″L x 180″W x 51.6″H
Shape Round
Material Alloy Steel, Resin
Manufacturer Cornelius

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2) Summer Waves P4A024521 pool

Best hard sided above ground pool

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Durable Summer Waves P4A024521 pools are easy to install. Unlike regular pools, this pool can be erected in minutes. It’s easy to install, so you’ll spend more time enjoying the water.

Family Fun

Summer Waves P4A024521 pool features include rapid setup and fascinating features. Smaller youngsters use the splash pad. The splash pad lets kids play safely in the pool. Family-friendly pool.

Design specs

Summer Waves P4A024521 is stylish and powerful. This round pool’s dimensions—288″L x 288″W x 52″H—allow many people to relax. Its 12949-gallon capacity makes it excellent for family gatherings and parties.

Summer Waves P4A024521 pool is corrosion-resistant and robust. A strong filtration system provides clean, clear water for swimming.


Summer Waves P4A024521 pools are great for families and backyard swimmers. With its quick setup, durable design, and splash pad, this pool gives hours of fun. Summer Waves P4A024521 is perfect for entertaining or cooling off on a hot day. Easy, durable, and entertaining.

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Summer Waves P4A024521 pool First Hand Review Video

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  • Large capacity of 12949 gallons
  • Durable construction with alloy steel and polyvinyl chloride materials
  • Equipped with a filtration system for clean water
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Ideal for families or large groups


Core Features

Brand Summer Waves
Capacity 12949 Gallons
Product Dimensions 288″L x 288″W x 52″H
Shape Round
Color Gray

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3) INTEX 26339EH Pool

Best hard sided above ground pool

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Summer retreat: INTEX 26339EH Pool. Enjoy nature and cool off at this pool. Swim, exercise, or play at this pool.

Be Specific

Round INTEX 26339EH Pool is 40.75″L x 21″W x 50.88″H. Splash and play in its 12481-gallon capacity. Plastic pools last many seasons. Intex Recreational Inc. makes it.

Toolless Assembly

Set up the INTEX 26339EH Pool in minutes and jump in. No more frustrating installs or missing tools. This pool generates memories and swimming fun. Enjoy now.

Clear Water

The transparent INTEX 26339EH Pool. The pool’s filtration system cleans water year-round. The filtering system ensures clean water for swimming.

Cheap Fun

INTEX 26339EH Pools are inexpensive and feature-rich. Plastic pools are cheaper. This cheap pool is fun. Cheap thrills.


The INTEX 26339EH Pool makes summer fun in your garden. Easy installation, upkeep, and family-friendly swimming. Beat the heat and build memories outside. The INTEX 26339EH Pool makes summer dreams possible.

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INTEX 26339EH Pool First Hand Review Video

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  • Easy setup without the need for tools
  • Equipped with a filtration system for clean water
  • Affordably priced
  • Provides a fun and enjoyable swimming experience
  • Ideal for those on a budget

Core Features

Brand Intex
Capacity 12481 Gallons
Product Dimensions 40.75″L x 21″W x 50.88″H
Shape Round

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4) Lake Effect Meadows Pool

Best hard sided above ground pool

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Lake Effect Meadows Pool has a strong vinyl liner. Its excellence is shown by its ability to withstand the sun. This unique function protects your investment for years of enjoyment. Avoid sun damage with a stylish and durable pool.

Easy Setup: Have Fun Fast

Lake Effect Meadows Pool setup has never been easier. You’ll have all the materials and instructions you need to start. The pool is pre-assembled, saving time. This pool is perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

Dimensions for Joy

Lake Effect Meadows Pool is 396″L x 216″W x 52″H, offering plenty of space for leisure. Lake Effect Pools makes this vinyl, alloy steel, and resin pool. These durable fabrics enhance swimming.

Customize Your Pool

The Lake Effect Meadows Pool might be oval or round. This amazing feature lets you modify your pool to your tastes and space. Vinyl, alloy steel, and resin are corrosion-resistant, assuring years of happy swimming.

Beautiful Relaxation

Lake Effect Meadows Pool is beautiful. Its gorgeous blue and taupe colors make it ideal for summer pool parties or relaxing after work. The pool’s inbuilt filtration system keeps the water clean and clear as you relax.


The Lake Effect Meadows Pool exemplifies luxury and finesse in pool design. This pool’s longevity, beauty, and craftsmanship are unmatched. The Lake Effect Meadows Pool is perfect for family fun and a relaxing swim. Create lifelong memories in a world of elegance and practicality.

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Lake Effect Meadows Pool First Hand Review Video

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  • Versatile shape can be set up as round or oval
  • Durable construction with vinyl, alloy steel, and resin materials
  • Aesthetic appeal with blue and taupe colors
  • Equipped with a filtration system for clean water
  • Perfect for summer pool parties and relaxation


Core Features

Brand Lake Effect Pools
Product Dimensions 396″L x 216″W x 52″H
Shape Round,Oval
Color Blue,Taupe
Material Vinyl, Alloy Steel, Resin

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5) Aquarian Phoenix Pool

Best hard sided above ground pool

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The Aquarian Phoenix Pool is well-built and designed. This pool looks modern with alloy steel and a clear liner. The transparent element adds beauty and lets swimmers see the beautiful water below.

Ideal Size and Capacity

The 252″L x 252″W x 52″H Aquarian Phoenix Pool offers room for you and your family. Relax or cool off at this pool. Its 2400 gallon volume allows everyone to play without feeling cramped.

Easy Assembly/Maintenance

The Aquarian Phoenix Pool’s installation kit is simple. Start easily with all the parts available. A skimmer efficiently cleans the pool’s water. Swim and sun more with less stress.

Always Fun

The Aquarian Phoenix Pool complements many events. This pool is perfect for family gatherings, pool parties, and personal retreats. Its size, durability, and transparency make any social or personal event more enjoyable.

Superior Water Circulation and Filtration

The Aquarian Phoenix Pool has a high-quality pump to keep water clean. This pump keeps water moving and clean. Swimming is safe and fun because the pool’s filtration system removes pollutants.

Durability and

The Aquarian Phoenix Pool is long-lasting. This pool is corrosion-resistant thanks to alloy steel and resin. The Aquarian Phoenix Pool will bring years of joy and relaxation.


The Aquarian Phoenix Pool has unmatched design, functionality, and longevity. Its translucent lining, ample size, and reliable characteristics make it a great choice for individuals, families, and parties. This amazing pool lets you dive into endless enjoyment and create lasting memories. Visit the Aquarian Phoenix Pool, your gateway to aquatic heaven.

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Aquarian Phoenix Pool First Hand Review Video

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  • Unique transparency with clear color
  • Durable construction with alloy steel and resin materials
  • Large size of 252 inches in diameter
  • Equipped with a filtration system for clean water
  • Ideal for families or large groups


Core Features

Brand Aquarian
Capacity 2400 Gallons
Product Dimensions 252″L x 252″W x 52″H
Shape Round

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6) Bestway ground Pool

Best hard sided above ground pool

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Affordable and well-made, the Bestway Ground Pool. Its aluminum design makes it durable and cheaper than comparable pools. This cheap pool is high-quality. It lasts and lets you swim for hours without breaking the bank.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Bestway Ground Pools are easy to install. Remove tools and complicated setups. This pool’s no-tool setup takes minutes. Setup is easy for first-time buyers and experienced pool owners alike.

The pool’s level-held capacity provides stability and balance for safe swimming and enjoyment. No uneven floors or pool shifting. The Bestway Ground Pool is built for ease.

Uncompromised Cleanliness

A clean, hygienic pool makes swimming fun. The Bestway Ground Pool has excellent filtration. This technology removes pollutants to make every swim invigorating.

The pool liner, designed for water dispersion, evenly distributes water. This helps swimming and keeps the pool clean. The liner is durable.

Size and specs

The rectangular Bestway Ground Pool is 77″L x 22″W x 33″H. This 967-gallon pool gives you and your family plenty of area for water fun.


Finally, the Bestway Ground Pool has the best price-to-durability ratio. Its metal design makes it a cheap swimming pool option. The pool’s level-held capacity and easy setup maintain stability. The Bestway Ground Pool keeps water clean and attractive with its efficient filtration system and durable liner. The Bestway Ground Pool can turn your backyard into an oasis.

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Bestway ground Pool First Hand Review Video

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  • Affordably priced
  • Easy setup without the need for tools
  • Equipped with a filtration system for clean water
  • Provides a fun and enjoyable swimming experience
  • Ideal for those on a budget


Core Features

Brand Bestway
Capacity 967 Gallons
Product Dimensions 77″L x 22″W x 33″H
Shape Rectangular
Color White

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7) Smartline Waterfall Pool

Best hard sided above ground pool

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The Smartline Waterfall Pool is beautiful. Its blue color and waterfall design make it fascinating. This gorgeous look is perfect for summer pool parties or relaxing.

Unmatched Durability: It’s Durable
The Smartline Waterfall Pool is durable and well-designed. Its alloy steel and metal construction makes it corrosion-resistant and strong. This pool is built to last, letting you focus on making memories with loved ones.

Space for Family Memories
In the large Smartline Waterfall Pool, enjoy quality time with family and friends. With a 168-inch circumference, this pool can accommodate several people. This pool’s size allows families and small parties to enjoy water games and relaxing floats together.

Clear Waters: Rejuvenating
The Smartline Waterfall Pool offers a revitalizing swim. This pool’s filtration system eliminates trash and pollutants. The result? Crystal-clear waters that invite you to dive in and relax.

Smartline Waterfall Pool: Unmatched Luxury
The Smartline Waterfall Pool is the best at combining design, durability, and practicality. This pool is the ultimate of luxury, combining stunning beauty, sturdy construction, and ample dimensions. The Smartline Waterfall Pool is a luxurious retreat that will generate lasting memories.

The Summer Waves Smartline Waterfall Pool redefines luxury swimming. This pool combines beauty, durability, and space. Dive into a world of unparalleled fascination and make memories with your loved ones. The Smartline Waterfall Pool is a marvel that enhances your living.

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Smartline Waterfall Pool First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Pool and Spa


  • Stunning aesthetic appeal with blue color and waterfall design
  • Durable construction with alloy steel and metal materials
  • Ideal for summer pool parties and relaxation
  • Large size of 168 inches in diameter
  • Equipped with a filtration system for clean water


Core Features

Brand Summer Waves
Product Dimensions 168″L x 168″W x 36″H
Shape Round
Color Blue
Material Alloy Steel, Metal

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Best hard sided above ground pool 2023-Complete Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best hard sided above ground pool of 2023 then you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the right swimming pool for your backyard can be a daunting task and we want to make sure that you make the right decision.

Whether you’re looking for a large and luxurious option or a more modest design, there are plenty of types and sizes to fit your needs. In this guide, we’ll provide comprehensive information on some of the best hard sided above ground pools currently available so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll also discuss important factors to consider when selecting a pool, including:

  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Cost
  • and more!

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Definition of hard-sided above ground pools

Hard-sided swimming pools are one of the more popular types of above-ground pools because they offer a more traditional, permanent look and feel. Also called steel wall structures, hard-sided above ground pools are made from metal – usually aluminum or galvanized steel – which is stronger than soft-wall models.

The metal frame is then covered by a vinyl liner, and attached to the ground via cement footings that fit in the corner plates. Hard-sided pools generally have a triangular base and sloped walls with several different heights to choose from that range in size from 10 to 33 feet in diameter. While smaller pools are typically 4 or 5 feet deep, medium to large pools range in depth up to 8 feet or more with some unique designs featuring benches or shallow ends.

Beyond supporting an upgraded pool deck and landscaping projects, hard sided swimming pools also outlast other types of above ground pool liners and require fewer maintenance repairs thanks to their heavy-duty construction. Additionally, hard sided swimming pools can create a unique outdoor living experience as there is an array of accessories such as ladders, diving boards and integrated slides available for endless backyard fun!

Importance of choosing the right pool

Selecting the wrong pool for your needs can lead to considerable costs in terms of money, time, and effort. This is why it is important to carefully consider all options before making a purchase decision. Factors to consider include:

  • Size of the pool,
  • Materials used,
  • Filter types,
  • Style options,
  • And other features such as LED lights or steps.

The size of the pool should be appropriate for the space where it will be installed – considering both depth and width. The materials used in construction should be strong and durable to ensure that your pool will last through many years of use and exposure to weather conditions. Different types of filters are available based on regional water conditions as well as individual preferences and usage levels. Various styles are available from basic round or rectangular shapes to custom designs that combine shapes for an interesting look. Numerous additional features may also be available such as stainless steel walls instead of plastic or built-in connecting points for fountains and lighting systems.

Take the time to research all of your hard-sided above ground pool options before making a purchase decision so you can find the best fit for your needs; you’ll be glad you did!

Factors to consider when purchasing a hard-sided above ground pool

When looking to buy a hard-sided above ground pool there are several factors to consider, including but not limited to size, shape, cost, material and wall height. These characteristics should be taken into account in order to ensure that the pool is the best fit for you and your family. Below are some of the main points one should consider when shopping for an above ground pool.

  • Size: The most common sizes available for an above ground hard-sided pool range include 12′, 15′, 18′, 24′, 27′ and 30′. It is important to purchase a size that meets your needs and fits in the desired space without taking up too much room or leaving too little room for activities.
  • Shape: Above ground pools come in rectangular, oval and round shapes. Each shape offers unique benefits depending on preference, space availability and desired activity area.
  • Cost: Purchasing a quality pool that will last many years of use comes at a cost. Above ground pools range from as low as $300 up to as much as $5,000 with prices varying depending on size, shape and construction material considerations discussed in following sections below.
  • Material: Most hard-sided above ground pools feature steel walls or resin frames constructed with high-grade materials designed to last long term with proper care and upkeep. The top rails on the wall feature attractive detailing while containing vinyl liner materials held safely within its confines. The lattice of steel walls provide strength while allowing efficient water circulation inside the basin which helps prevent corrosion or other problems caused by stagnant water. Additionally many models have corrosion protection systems built into their steel frames enhance longevity even further.
  • Wall Height: Common wall heights range from 48″–52” offering support throughout the entire structure with improved buoyancy increasing stability necessary over time limiting issues associated with age or weather conditions performing during certain times of year such as winter months or extreme storms providing peace of mind knowing your investment is safe year round regardless what Mother Nature delivers outside its walls.


The size of an above ground pool depends in large part on the layout and size of the space you have available in your yard, as well as your budget. Above ground pools are available in a range of sizes and materials, from small inflatable pools that measure just 8-feet by 10-feet to larger rectangles measuring 24-feet by 12-feet. Be sure to measure out the space you plan to install your pool before purchasing a size. Above ground pools come with pre-cut walls that can be difficult to adjust once they are installed, so planning ahead is key.

Depth is an important factor when choosing above ground pools, especially for families with younger children or toddlers. While most standard models are 4′ feet deep, some above ground pools offer options for shallow water depths that might be more suitable for young swimmers. This can provide them with a greater sense of security in their surroundings and make it easier for adults to monitor what is going on under the surface of the pool at all times.


When it comes to materials for above ground pools, the three main types you will come across are stainless steel, resin and aluminum. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making a decision.

  • Stainless steel: This is the most durable material option for hard sided above ground pools and can last for many years of use. It provides excellent resistance to rust and corrosion and is also very easy to clean. Stainless steel walls often have an additional coating of coatings or paint applied to them which further protects them from damage by the elements. The only downside is that stainless steel pools can be quite expensive compared to other materials.
  • Resin: Resin is becoming a popular choice in pool walls due to its high durability, affordability and low-maintenance needs. Resin is mold resistant which makes it ideal for areas that have high humidity levels throughout the year such as sunny climates or near coastal areas. One major downside to this material is that it may not be as resistant against chemicals as other materials, so you will need to ensure proper care when using chlorinated/saltwater pools or when storing pool equipment like ladders or automatic cleaners.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight aluminum panels are also an option for above ground pools and are usually one of the least expensive options on the market today. They are also less likely than other materials to dent or become damaged in strong winds or if there’s a lot of tree debris around them due to falling leaves, however care still needs to be taken to ensure they don’t overheat in direct sunlight too much, otherwise they may warp over time due to heat expansion causing problems with pool wall integrity.


When it comes to above-ground pools, the depth will be an important factor in how much swimming and diving you can do. The height of an above ground pool is usually limited to around 12 feet but there is a range of depths available.

Most standard above-ground pools have depths ranging from three feet to six feet. Three foot depth pools are great for wading and mild swimming, while the four to five foot ranges are decent for more serious swimming and play. Specialist above ground pools can have a depth of up to six or seven feet, depending on the size and model.

If you’re looking for diving, then you’ll need at least nine feet of water – but some experts suggest that 12 feet is ideal for safety reasons. Before buying an above ground pool make sure that it is certified for diving if you plan to do more than just splash around in shallow water!


There are many features that you should consider when buying an above-ground pool. While some pools may have special and unique options, most will possess a number of common features. Some of these features may be more important than others to you, depending on your individual needs and what kind of pool you plan to purchase. Consider all of the following features when deciding which above-ground pool is right for you:

  • Size and Capacity – Be sure to calculate the size requirement for your pool and family before making your purchase. You want to ensure there is plenty of space for everyone who will use it. Additionally, pay attention to the water capacity recommendation as well.
  • Frame Material – Above-ground pools are usually framed with rust-resistant galvanized steel or heavy-duty resin plastic material. Steel frames tend to be more durable, while resin frames provide added protection against winter weather damage and sometimes come with additional warranties.
  • Walls – The wall is an important structural component that holds up the water in your pool; thicker walls are stronger and longer lasting than thin walls. Choose a wall thickness according to its durability ratings, as this can affect how quickly they develop holes due to water pressure over time.
  • Liners – Overlap liners are made of vinyl material while bead/track liners have an attached “track” that slips into quarters on the top rail of your pool’s frame. Your liner should fit snugly around the top ledge before filling with water so it doesn’t buckle or loosen mid-season during use or freeze during harsh winter temperatures.
  • Pumps & Filters – All above ground pools require proper circulation to stay clean and healthy; check whether or not a pump/filter comes with your purchase or if one needs to be separately bought. Also look for trend setting advances like built in pumps that can help maximize both convenience and cost effectiveness when running them seasonally over time upon ownership.


The cost of purchasing a hard sided above ground pool depends mostly on its size and the type of materials used to make it. Generally, the larger the pool, the more expensive it will be. The size also affects the number of supplies you will need, such as filters and ladders, which can account for up to 25% of your total expenditure.

When choosing a pool material, remember that liners can increase maintenance costs due to punctures and wear over time. On the other hand, pools made out of durable materials such as steel or aluminum are more resistant to damage and require less maintenance in general. Such pools may cost more upfront but may save money in the long run due to repair costs.

Besides purchasing the actual pool, there are additional costs associated with installation which also vary based on pool size and location. Make sure you factor these costs into your budget when making a purchase decision!

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Maintaining your above-ground pool is essential for safe and enjoyable swimming. Regular cleaning, chemical testing and checking for any leaks or damage ensures that you get maximum performance from your pool. You Cleaning: Keeping your pool clean prevents algae growth, bacterial buildup, and other contaminants from settling in the water. Remove any debris on the surface of the pool with either a hand skimmer or an automatic pool cleaner. Vacuum debris that sits on the bottom of the pool as well as along the walls to keep it free from dirt settling in cracks and crevices. When needed, use an algaecide in addition to chlorine to keep algae at bay.

Chemical Testing: Testing chemicals in the water will ensure not only safe swimming conditions but also clear water with accurate pH balance. Testing kits are available at local retail stores; however, if you are uncomfortable using them, you may consider using a service that tests for both bacteria and chemical levels. You should test daily during heavy usage or 3 times per week during light recreational use for optimal safety and comfortability within your above-ground hard sided pools reservoir of water. New pools often require more frequent testings due to higher amounts of contaminants being introduced due to initial start up processes such as filling from a garden hose or sets ups requiring greater amounts of chemicals deposited in order to bring PH levels back into balance.

Leaks: Look around regularly for any signs of leakage such as damp patches around the sides of your above-ground hard sided pool, bubbling in liner walls or missing patches on inside wall boards depending on construction type material used – This makes sure that all water stays inside your swimming area and keeps pests out while also reducing heat loss which cuts down operating costs associated with pumps having to work harder than necessary when ground temperature is lower than desired result temperatures.

Checking For Damage:should get into the habit of conducting routine maintenance on a regular basis to take proper care of the pool and its components.

 Check edges around bottom area – where vacuums would be contacting when cleaning – twice yearly especially if there was recent weather damage caused by high velocity winds, hail stones accumulations etc.. If there is any damage found do not attempt repairs yourself but rather contact an authorized repair technician who specializes in this type repair work so one can ensure proper adhesion techniques are observed leaving no room for failure because even small imperfections can lead large problems going forward once sealants are placed underwater exposing them to greater pressure loads causing mechanisms ripping apart eventually leading to long drawn out replacement points which over time add up exponentially making above ground pools less cost effective than once assumed initially.


When selecting the best above ground pool, there are a few factors to consider. The size and shape of the pool will depend on the size of your backyard and the amount of people that plan to swim at one time. You should also think about the type of material you want in your pool, such as steel frame or resin.

In addition, you should consider what features are important to you such as a built-in ladder or skimmer basket.

Finally, it’s important that you research all safety precautions when setting up an above ground swimming pool, including ground preparation and properly sealing your pool liner. Following these tips will ensure that you have many enjoyable years ahead in your backyard oasis!


Are hard sided pools better?

The answer to this question depends on individual preferences and needs. Hard sided pools, such as metal frame pools, tend to be more durable and provide more stability compared to inflatable pools. However, they are also more expensive and can take up more space.

Which above-ground pool shape is best?

The best above-ground pool shape depends on personal preference, space available, and budget. Round pools tend to be the most affordable, while rectangular and oval pools provide more room for swimming.

Which above ground pools last the longest?

The longevity of an above ground pool largely depends on the materials and construction. Pools made with sturdy materials such as steel and resin tend to last longer than inflatable pools. Proper maintenance and regular upkeep also play a role in the longevity of an above ground pool.

What is the healthiest type of pool?

Saltwater pools are considered healthier than traditional chlorine pools as they use less chlorine, resulting in less exposure to harsh chemicals.

Which pool has less maintenance?

Saltwater pools generally require less maintenance than traditional chlorine pools as the saltwater chlorination system is self-regulating. However, the initial setup cost for saltwater pools is usually higher.

What shape pool is best?

The best shape of a pool depends on personal preference, space available, and budget. Round pools tend to be the most affordable, while rectangular and oval pools provide more room for swimming.

What is the most durable pool?

Pools made with sturdy materials such as concrete, fiberglass, and steel tend to be the most durable. Proper maintenance and regular upkeep also play a role in the longevity of a pool.

What depth of pool is best?

The best depth of a pool depends on the intended use. For lap swimming, a deeper pool may be preferred, while for children or casual swimming, a shallower pool may be more suitable.

What are disadvantages of above ground pools?

The disadvantages of above ground pools include limited lifespan, limited customization options, and difficulty maintaining the water level. They also require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and winterizing, and may not provide as much stability as in-ground pools.

What are the disadvantages of a concrete pool?

The disadvantages of a concrete pool include high upfront costs, long construction time, and high maintenance costs. They also require regular upkeep and can be more difficult to repair than other types of pools.


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