Best Above Ground Pool Heaters 2023

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Are you looking to find the best above ground pool heater for summer? You’re in luck! In this guide, we will help you choose the best above-ground pool heater that meets your needs. We’ll also provide you with essential tips and tricks to get the most out of your purchase. Get ready to enjoy a summer of warm, comfortable water!

Best above ground pool heater 2023

  1. SunQuest Solar  Pool Heaters (Editor’s Pick)
  2. XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool heater (Best Overall)
  3. SunHeater Solar Heater (Budget Friendly)
  4. SunHeater Pool Heater
  5. Sunquest Solar Pool Heater 
  6. XtremepowerUS 90105 heater 
  7. SunHeater Aboveground Pool Heating

1) SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters

Best above ground pool heater

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SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters install easily. Install your solar pool heater quickly with thorough instructions and all the hardware. Installation is now simple. Your pool will shortly be heated.

Efficiency Unmatched

Energy-efficient SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters are trustworthy. Solar power reduces energy costs by replacing gas and electric heating systems. Comfortable and effective solar pool warmer.

High-quality, long-lasting

SunQuest Solar Pool Heater uses premium materials. It’s waterproof and long-lasting. This 28-pound solar pool heater is 47.24 x 13.78 x 1.18 inches.

High-flow heat

SunQuest Solar Pool Heater’s fast flow rate is efficient. This innovation quickly heats pool water. Solar panels heat your pool quickly with this arrangement.

Pools need maximum heat absorption.

SunQuest Solar Pool Heater’s huge surface area maximizes heat absorption. Sunlight boosts pool heating efficiency. Solar pool heaters warm water.

Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heating replaces old methods. SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters are durable and efficient. Its easy installation, energy-saving operation, rapid heating, and excellent heat absorption make it a terrific pool heater. SunQuest Solar Pool Heater enhances pool fun.

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SunQuest Solar Pool HeatersFirst Hand Review Video

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  1. Large product dimensions allow for maximum surface area and heat absorption.
  2. Lightweight construction makes it easy to install and maneuver.
  3. Solar-powered, eco-friendly energy source reduces energy costs and carbon footprint.
  4. Durable materials ensure long-lasting use and resistance to weather and pool chemicals.
  5. Efficient heating system provides quick and consistent heat output.


Core features

Product Dimensions 47.24 x 13.78 x 1.18 inches
Item Weight 28 pounds

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2) XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool heater

Best above ground pool heater

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Propane or natural gas heats the XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater quickly. Gas pool heater. It instantly heats your pool so you may rest whenever you choose.

Ecological Issues

Despite its efficiency, the XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater’s environmental impact must be addressed. Gas pool heaters emit more greenhouse emissions than solar or heat pump kinds. Consider sustainability.

Easy Setup

The small 26.5-pound XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater is 14 x 14 x 2. Installing and moving are easier. The compact XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater simplifies installation and relocation.

Cost and efficiency

Cheap XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater. Cost-effective solar pool warmer. Cheap XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater works well. Solar pool heating is comfortable.

Easy Installation and Durability

The XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater installs easily. It includes all hardware and explicit setup instructions. DIY heater installation is simple. Solar pool warmers are sturdy. XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater lasts years.


XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater quickly, reliably, and cheaply heats pools. Gas heaters heat pools quickly. It competes with solar pool heaters and heat pumps despite its environmental impact. The cheap, easy-to-install XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater is sturdy. XtremepowerUS 90100 Vpool Heater heats pools year-round.

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  1. Lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability and installation.
  2. Simple installation process requires minimal tools and expertise.
  3. Energy-efficient operation saves money on utility bills.
  4. Versatile design is compatible with various pool sizes and configurations.
  5. Sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use and durability.


Core features

Product Dimensions 14 x 14 x 2 inches
Item Weight 26.5 pounds

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3) SunHeater Solar Heater

Best above ground pool heater

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The SunHeater Solar Heater is multifunctional and robust. It can withstand any weather because to its high-quality construction. This solar pool warmer is durable, giving you peace of mind.

Cost-effective Energy Efficiency

Sustainability and economic savings require energy-efficient solutions today. SunHeater Solar Heater allows both. This remarkable technology optimizes energy efficiency, drastically reducing energy costs. It uses solar power to heat your pool while reducing your carbon footprint.

Comfortable Installation

Complex installations and frustration are over. SunHeater Solar Heaters are easy to install. Solar pool heater installation is easy with all the hardware and instructions. Install faster and enjoy your pool at the right temperature.

Improved Heating

SunHeater Solar Heater prides itself on efficiently heating pool water. This solar pool heater maximizes sunshine absorption and heating efficiency.


It outperforms competitors in longevity, energy efficiency, installation, and heating performance. Solar pool heating provides warmth, savings, and sustainability. Get the SunHeater Solar Heater to maximize your pool’s potential.

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SunHeater Solar HeaterFirst Hand Review Video

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  1. Compact size allows for easy installation and storage in small spaces.
  2. Lightweight design makes it easy to handle and install.
  3. Solar-powered energy source reduces energy costs and carbon footprint.
  4. Durable materials ensure long-lasting use and resistance to weather and pool chemicals.
  5. Easy installation process requires minimal tools and expertise.
  6. Compatible with a variety of pool sizes and configurations.


Core features

roduct Dimensions 14 x 14 x 2 inches
Item Weight 26.5 pounds

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4) SunHeater Pool Heater

Best above ground pool heater

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SunHeater Pool Heaters are durable solar pool heaters. This 1-pound solar pool heater is 240 x 27.5 x 16.

Quality Lasts

High-quality polproylene makes the SunHeater Pool Heater waterproof. The heater can survive harsh weather, assuring its longevity and seasonal performance. SunHeater Pool Heaters last years.

Setup: Easy

The SunHeater Pool Heater’s user-friendly design simplifies installation. The kit includes all hardware and thorough instructions, making setup straightforward. Installing a solar pool heater immediately lets you experience your pool’s warmth right away.

Heat absorption:

SunHeater Pool Heater’s huge surface area maximizes sunlight collection. The heater absorbs sunlight and heats your pool water with this unique feature.


This solar pool heater exceeds competitors in structure, energy efficiency, installation, and heat absorption. SunHeater Pool Heaters are reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly.

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r Pool Heater First Hand Review Video

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  1. Large product dimensions offer ample coverage for larger pools.
  2. Durable materials ensure long-lasting use and reliability.
  3. Provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating solution for your pool.
  4. Easy installation process that doesn’t require any special tools or skills.
  5. Compatible with most above-ground and in-ground pools.


Core features

Brand SunHeater
Material Polproylene
Item Dimensions LxWxH 240 x 27.5 x 16 inches
Item Weight 1 Pounds
Style Heating Syste

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5) Sunquest Solar Pool Heater

Best above ground pool heater

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SunQuest Solar is a leader in solar pool heaters, which have changed pool heating. Solar heaters save energy and cut pool operating costs. This article discusses the SunQuest Solar pool heater’s impressive features and benefits.

Quick Pool Heating Installation

SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters boast easy installation.It’s easy to install and use, and you’ll soon have warm pool water. Pool heating without complicated installations!

Fast Pool Warm-up Performance

SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters are highly efficient. This heater quickly heats pool water due to its high flow rate. Its superior heating means no more waiting hours for your pool to warm up. SunQuest Solar makes pool heating easy.

Longevity and Weather Resistance

SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters can handle tough outside conditions. This solar heater is made of high-quality materials to withstand harsh weather. The SunQuest Solar Pool Heater performs year after year in every weather. Choose a weatherproof pool heater.

Cost-effective Energy Efficiency

The SunQuest Solar Pool Heater reduces energy costs, a pleasant benefit. This heater uses solar energy to cut your pool’s operating costs. Enjoy energy savings while being environmentally responsible. SunQuest Solar Pool Heaters are environmentally and economically beneficial.

The SunQuest Solar Pool Heater is an excellent solar pool heater. Pool owners love its quick installation, efficient performance, longevity, and energy efficiency. SunQuest Solar offers warm pool water, long-term savings, and carbon reduction. Switch today and get the amazing benefits of this modern solar pool heating technology.

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  1. Large product dimensions offer ample coverage for larger pools.
  2. Lightweight design makes installation and handling easy.
  3. Helps extend the swimming season, allowing you to use your pool for longer.
  4. Durable materials ensure long-lasting use and reliability.
  5. Environmentally friendly heating solution that doesn’t rely on electricity or gas.


Core features

Package Dimensions 30.04 x 13.58 x 13.39 inches
Item Weight 28.7 pounds

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6) XtremepowerUS 90105 heater

Best above ground pool heater

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The 14.33-pound, 120 x 24 x 5-inch XtremepowerUS 90105 heater is efficient. It’s durable. It’s small and light, making it easy to install.

Easy Setup

Complex installations vanished. XtremepowerUS 90105 heaters require little technology. Installing this solar pool warmer is easy with the included hardware and instructions. XtremepowerUS 90105 heaters simplify setups.

Affordable Energy Efficiency

Energy-saving XtremepowerUS 90105 heaters lead. By harnessing solar power, this pool heater saves energy and money. This energy-efficient pool heating method is cost-effective and ecologically beneficial.

All-Weather Durability

Outdoor XtremepowerUS 90105 heaters are durable. High-quality materials make this solar pool heater work year-round. XtremepowerUS 90105 heaters heat pools for years.

Better Heating

XtremepowerUS 90105 heaters are efficient. Solar absorption maximizes pool water heating. Enjoy cool-weather swims with this solar pool heater.

Happy Clients

Doubt us. Customers adore the XtremepowerUS 90105 heater’s performance and durability. Several internet shopping platforms list this heater’s features, specs, and reviews. XtremepowerUS 90105 heaters are reliable and popular.


XtremepowerUS 90105 solar pool warmer shines. Its energy-saving features, fast installation, durability, and better heating performance make it an excellent pool heater. Join satisfied solar pool warmer customers. XtremepowerUS 90105 warmers enhance pool heating.The 14.33-pound, 120 x 24 x 5-inch XtremepowerUS 90105 heater is efficient. It’s durable. It’s small and light, making it easy to install.

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XtremepowerUS 90105 heater First Hand Review Video

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  1. Large product dimensions offer ample coverage for larger pools.
  2. Provides an energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solution.
  3.  Compatible with most above-ground and in-ground pools.
  4. Easy installation process that doesn’t require any special tools or skills.
  5. Comes with a clear user manual for ease of use.


Core features

Product Dimensions 120 x 24 x 5 inches
Item Weight 14.33 pounds

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7) SunHeater Aboveground Pool Heating

Best above ground pool heater

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Do you want to extend your swimming season and save money by warming your pool water? SunHeater Aboveground is your answer. It’s affordable and eco-friendly. This page discusses the SunHeater Aboveground’s benefits.

Features and specs

Superior Design

High-quality SunHeater Aboveground Pool Heating. This 48 x 1 x 240-inch, 29-pound pool heating system is efficient and durable. SunHeater Aboveground warms pool water.

Easy Setup

Simple SunHeater Aboveground installation. Its complete hardware and instructions make installing this solar pool warmer straightforward. Professionals and hours of manual deciphering are unnecessary. SunHeater Aboveground starts in minutes.

Solar Absorption Max

SunHeater Aboveground’s huge surface area collects sunlight and heats pool water efficiently. Two sturdy polypropylene 2′ x 20′ panels (80 sq. ft.) absorb solar energy and raise water temperature by up to 15°F1. Heat absorption allows long-term swimming.

It lasts

SunHeater Aboveground is weatherproof. High-quality materials make this solar pool warmer robust and reliable.

Affordable and energy-efficient

SunHeater Aboveground replaces electric pool heaters. Solar power heats this pool. The SunHeater Aboveground saves money and the environment as energy prices rise.

Pool Heater

SunHeater Solar works for aboveground and inground pools2. This versatile U.S. technology efficiently heats several pool kinds. SunHeater Solar lasts with its five-year limited warranty.

The SunHeater Aboveground is a reliable, eco-friendly pool warmer. This solar pool heater is durable, heat-absorbing, and easy to install. Long, pleasurable swimming seasons replace chilly pool water. SunHeater Aboveground saves money and the environment while heating your pool.

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  1. Provides an energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solution.
  2. Large product dimensions offer ample coverage for larger pools.
  3. Helps extend the swimming season, allowing you to use your pool for longer.
  4. Compatible with most above-ground pools.
  5. Simple and easy installation process that doesn’t require any special tools or skills.


Core features


roduct Dimensions 48 x 1 x 240 inches
Item Weight 29 pounds

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Best above ground pool heater 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When you invest in an above ground pool, you can find yourself in a sweltering conundrum once summer hits—how to keep it warm without breaking the bank. That’s where pool heaters come to the rescue! A reliable above ground pool heater will help keep your water temperature comfortable and inviting so that you and your loved ones can make the most of that swimming season.

Before purchasing an above ground pool heater, there are a few things to consider: budget, size and what type of fuel is best suited for the situation. With so many options available today, choosing a heater doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

To help with your decision-making process, we have compiled this comprehensive buying guide filled with all the information you need to make an informed decision on which pool heater would be right for your unique situation:

  • Budget
  • Size
  • Type of Fuel

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Importance of having a pool heater

Having a reliable pool heater is vital if you want to use your above ground pool year-round. A heater will raise the temperature of the water in the pool, making it comfortable to swim in during colder months. In addition, a pool heater can extend your swimming season and increase the lifespan of your above ground pool. Investing in a quality pool heater will save you money and energy over time, so choosing the right model for your needs is an important decision.

When looking for an above ground swimming pool heater, consider the following:

  • What temperature you need it to reach
  • How quickly it can heat up the water
  • The size of your swimming pool
  • The types of fuel sources available from each manufacturer
  • Find one that fits within your budget

Advantages of above-ground pool heaters

Above-ground pool heaters give several advantages as compared to in-ground units. These special features make them the perfect choice for those with an above-ground pool.

  • They are generally easier and faster to install than larger in-ground models. Most installs require no professional help, and you can DIY in just a few minutes. Many models feature plug and play design, making them well suited to eliminate any requirement of expert help. This makes them a more budget friendly option when it comes to installation costs as well.
  • They offer higher energy efficiency compared to larger, in-ground ones; meaning you have much lower running costs throughout the entire season! The reason for this is likely because of the smaller size of these units; so you have multiple cost savings associated with their use!
  • Most pumps come prewired with plugs for your convenience – meaning there’s no need for any extra wiring work. This only adds to the convenience of their installation process!
  • Many of these products are backed by warranties – so if your heater ever stops working due to a manufacturing fault or long-term damage/wear & tear, then you’ll be able enjoy full replacement coverage.

Factors to consider when choosing an above-ground pool heater

When looking for an above-ground pool heater, there are several important factors to consider, such as energy efficiency, portability, features and user safety.

  • Energy Efficiency: The higher the heat output of a heater per hour per Btu’s (British Thermal Units), the more efficient it is. An efficient heater also uses less electricity and will save you money on your electric bill. Additionally, solar heaters provide a greener option with natural energy from the sun by providing free heat to warm your pool.
  • Portability: Portable above-ground pool heaters are both efficient and convenient for any homeowner in need of an outdoor heating solution. Many have adjustable feet or wall mount brackets to ensure compatibility with different pool sizes as well as easy installation or repositioning after use.
  • Features: Look for features that enable operability and user safety such as automated digital temperature controls, individual panel flow control valves, water level sensors and other data display LED lights should be incorporated into each system you purchase. Depending on your budget, most above ground pool heaters come with additional parts like rubber gaskets for mounting along with vinyl underground piping for easy installation & repair.
  • User Safety: If you are looking for a safe option for user use and operation make sure that your model has all necessary safety protections in place including an auto shut off feature if temperature rises too high or pressure drops too low – these are critical when using any type of machine powered by electricity. Furthermore, all models must include a certified air relief valve safety mechanism to protect against over-pressurization while in operation; this is best placed outside near where the gas line enters the house so that fumes can easily escape during production in enclosed spaces.

Size of the pool

When deciding on a pool heater, size is a major factor. Above ground pools and traditional in-ground pools vary differently in size; therefore, it is imperative to make sure you choose the right size of heater to ensure it can provide the amount of heat needed to warm the pool adequately.

Above ground pool heaters come in a variety of sizes. Generally, they range between two and seven kilowatts, depending on the size of your above-ground pool, as well as how quickly you want it to heat up.

As a general rule-of-thumb, any above-ground pool larger than 20 feet will require at least four or five kilowatts for total coverage. You should also factor in recommended temperature—between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit—when purchasing an above-ground heater, so you can get a good estimate of what size is needed for your particular setup.

Climate and weather conditions

The climate of your location plays an important role in selecting an above ground pool heater that suits your needs. In areas with colder temperatures, as well as those with hot summers, you will want to invest in a heater with a lower and higher temperature setting. This will help to maintain a comfortable water temperature for swimming throughout the year.

Areas with milder climates often do not require the same degree of heating as those in hotter or colder regions. If you reside in an area with mild temperatures, you may be able to get away with selecting a specific type of above ground pool heater that provides only medium heat and limited control over the temperature setting.

In areas that have significant seasonal temperature changes, an adjustable thermostat can provide more versatility so you can set different levels throughout winter and summer depending on how hot or cold it is outside your home.

When it’s cooling down during the winter months and the air temperatures are dropping, take advantage of the lower settings on your above ground pool heater and enjoy warmer water before they warm up again during summertime.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency ratings in pool heaters are measured by a rating system that is similar to what is used in other energy efficient appliances. This rating system, called the H.E.A.T (Heating Efficiency Efficiency Testing) system, measures how a unit rates on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most efficient and 1 being the least efficient.

When evaluating pool heaters for energy efficiency, it is important to consider their H.E.A.T rating, as well as their physical size and capacity to ensure that you purchase the heater that offers the best value for your money. In addition to considering which heater offers the greatest efficiency within your budget, it is also important to consider:

  • how much space and maintenance you are willing to provide for your pool heater,
  • its noise level when operating.

III. Maintenance and upkeep of above-ground pool heaters

Maintenance and upkeep is an important part of owning an above-ground pool heater. By following a few simple steps, you can keep your pool heater in top condition and extend its lifespan.

  • Proper Cleaning: To ensure that the unit stays clean and functioning properly, you should clean the surface at least once a month with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Make sure to rinse off any soap residue and allow the surface to air dry before painting or staining the heater to match your decor.
  • Regular Maintenance: You should have your above-ground pool heater checked by a qualified technician at least once every year or two (depending on usage). The technician will check for signs of wear, such as corrosion or damage, as well as test the pressure levels and integrity of the heating element. This ensures that you get optimal performance out of your unit season after season.
  • Winterization: Before closing up your pool for winter, it’s important to properly winterize your above ground pool heater to protect it from freezing temperatures during the off-season. You should disconnect all power sources and turn off gas lines (if applicable), drain out any residual water from inside of the unit, then store it in an insulated space such as a garage or shed until opening day arrives again next season!

Regular cleaning and inspection

Regular cleaning and inspection of your above ground pool heater is a must if you want to enjoy reliable and efficient heating performance every swimming season.

To keep your above ground pool heater running efficiently, you should perform regular inspections:

  • Inspect the exterior surfaces for dust, dirt, or any other debris that may have been trapped in it.
  • Check the vents for obstructions.
  • Check the wiring for any damage.
  • Ensure the thermostat is set to the desired temperature.
  • Inspect intake and exhaust lines for proper mounting.
  • Make sure that all connections are secure.

Of course, dumping out any dirt or debris accumulated in your strainer basket also helps maintain proper functioning. Additionally, it is important to examine weather-stripping around doors/openings to ensure a snug fit so as to not allow drafts of cold air. Lastly, cleaning off dust and dirt from each season ensures optimal efficiency from your heater over time.

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Troubleshooting common problems

Though above ground pool heaters are designed to work efficiently and without issue, there can be common problems that arise. This can include things like not turning on, overheating, or general malfunctions. If these issues arise, do not attempt a repair on your own; seek out the help of a certified professional. However, if you notice any of the following issues before making a purchase, it is best to look into another option:

  • Nozzle drains not working properly: Nozzle drains allow for cold water to replace hot water circulating in the pool when the heater cuts off. If the nozzle doesn’t work properly when tested at a store then it is likely an issue with design and should be avoided entirely.
  • Computer board malfunctions: Issues with a heater computer board can range from simple fixes like resetting power to full replacement. It’s best to select options with reliable boards that come with solid warranties so you know if something goes wrong it will be covered.
  • Corroded connections/components: It is important to check all connections and components thoroughly before buying as corroded or faulty items should be avoided.
  • Leaks between piping connections: Leaks between piping connections can cause serious damage and lead to costly repairs if left unchecked for too long. Ensure all pipe connections are secure before bringing home an above ground heater.
  • Loud noise or vibrations during operation: Loud noise or vibration from an above ground pool heater could indicate alignment is off or accessories need replacement due to age.

Professional maintenance services

Professional maintenance services can help keep an above-ground pool heater running smoothly and safely, as well as improving its performance. While in-ground pools are required by law to be inspected annually, such inspections are not typically needed for above-ground pools, so having professional service performed yearly or semi-annually can be beneficial in identifying potential issues before they get out of hand.

During a professional visit, a pool technician will inspect the main unit and all related components for signs of stress or damage. In addition, the technician will check liquid levels and system settings to make sure that everything is operating as it should be. Regular maintenance also allows any necessary updates and repairs to take place in good time; this could include a new filter or gasket, or any other parts that may need replacing due to regular wear and tear.


Shopping for the best above ground pool heater can be a tricky task – but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to save money and worry less about your pool’s heating needs. The key is to do your research and read the reviews before making a decision. With the help of this buying guide, you should be well-equipped to pick out the best above ground pool heater for your needs without spending an arm and a leg.

When purchasing an above ground pool heater, it is important to pay attention to safety features, select a size that fits your needs, and read up on different brands and models. By researching ahead of time, you can rest assured that you have picked out the best above ground pool heater possible.

Additionally, installing an in-line chlorinator alongside your new heater will help keep bacteria away while continuously keeping pool water clean.

Remember that having fun in the sun should always be done safely – and practice caution with any electrical equipment near any water source. With some extra thought put into safety first -you’ll have many years of joyous fun at your own backyard oasis with your recently purchased, top-of-the-line model above ground swimming pool heater!



Who makes the best above ground pool heater?

The best above ground pool heater varies depending on individual preferences and needs, but some popular brands include Hayward, Pentair, and Intex.

What is the best way to heat above ground pool?

There are several ways to heat an above ground pool, including gas heaters, electric heaters, heat pumps, and solar panels. The best option depends on factors such as pool size, climate, and budget.

What is the fastest way to heat an above ground pool?

The fastest way to heat an above ground pool is typically with a gas heater.

What size heater do need for my above ground pool?

The size of heater needed for an above ground pool is determined by factors such as pool volume, desired water temperature, and climate. A professional can assist in determining the appropriate size.

Which pool heater lasts the longest?

The longevity of a pool heater can vary based on factors such as usage, maintenance, and brand, so it’s difficult to determine which heater lasts the longest.

What is most efficient pool heater?

The most efficient pool heater depends on factors such as the local climate and pool size, but heat pumps and solar panels are often considered to be some of the most efficient options.

How can heat my above ground pool cheaply?

To heat an above ground pool cheaply, using a solar cover or solar panels can be effective and cost-efficient methods.

What is the cheapest way to heat a pool?

The cheapest way to heat a pool is typically with a solar cover or solar panels.

Should run pool heater overnight?

It is generally safe to run a pool heater overnight, but it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific models.

Are above ground pool heaters worth it?

Above ground pool heaters can be worth it for those looking to extend the swimming season or maintain a comfortable water temperature, but it ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences. 


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